How’s Your Foundation?

By Frank Junior Guertin

When life hits, it hits hard. But, with all I’ve learned throughout my life I am fortunate to remember “This Too Shall Pass”. As long as I keep that up front, I have a shot. And I can still remain who I am by standing tall with my dignity and my integrity leading the way.

Today, I “go through” with whatever life hits me with. It wasn’t always that way for me. I used to always have to use alcohol or drugs to cope. I had to learn the hard way I guess. And instead of going through something without those crutches, I would use. And that’s like going around the problem and take short cuts or give excuses. Which in the end, always hurt me. I’m proud to say I don’t live that way today. And that’s a testament to the program of Recovery…home of life’s warriors.

For me, being a warrior isn’t about fighting with your hands or with weapons. It’s so much more than that. It’s about how much you can take and take without using drugs or alcohol. It’s about taking the punches that life throws at us and remaining on your feet. Then, eventually, life’s will grows tired and stops punching us. (For the the moment.) And the way warriors fight back, is we stand up tall and look life right in the eyes and DON’T pick up. No matter what. We push forward without even throwing a single punch. And then we have a shot at another day to live in the solution, and not the problem.

“Ready Up for a message!”

A longtime friend used to say to me “A storm is coming. How is your foundation?” I had no idea what he meant until I was faced with my first storm when I was in early Recovery. It took a lot of listening to others suggestions, being willing to learn, be teachable, practice honesty, and keep it in the day. They say “one day at a time” for a reason. And a day turned into weeks, then months then into years. I began to build a strong “foundation” of Recovery for myself. So when the would storm come, I would ready up. That’s what kept me clean and keeps me clean. In February I’ll be coming up on 15 years. 🤘🏻

So my friends, I ask you, How is your foundation? Will you be ready when your storm comes?

FJ 🤘🏻

As long as you don’t pick up, you can’t get high.

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