This I Miss

By Frank Junior Guertin

I miss the drive to the venue watching the sun set thinking how I can’t wait to see you.

I miss getting to the venue and hanging with the staff and crew.

I miss sound check.

I miss seeing familiar faces slowly come in the club.

I miss interacting with the other bands.

I miss watching the other bands play.

I miss the energy and excitement.

I miss the feeling inside when I’m told “15 minutes to stage.”

I miss loading my gear on stage.

I miss tuning my guitar and hearing my band setting up behind the stage curtain.

I miss our set list being taped to my stage monitor.

I miss the laughter and cheers from behind the curtain.

I miss the smell of the club.

I miss the friends who came to see us.

I miss your faces.

I miss my bands intro music “People Are Strange.”

I miss the adrenaline I get seeing Jimmy G, Chris, Monte and me all together right before curtain showtime.

I miss seeing Jimmy give me the look of “let’s do this.”

I miss the curtain pulling back as it slowly opens revealing your faces.

I miss the first song.

I miss all the songs.

I miss our friends from other bands jumping up on stage and singing with us.

I miss hearing the songs I wrote being sung back to us by you…LOUD.

I miss your energy and what that does to me.

I miss hearing Jimmy G say “HEEEEEEEY!!”

I miss the feeling of being who I really am in this fucking world.

I miss playing my guitar as it screams out to you.

I miss me spitting water and throwing guitar picks out to you.

I miss the four of us taking a final bow at the end of the show and thanking you all for being with us…still.

I miss the feeling of the late night cold air or muggy hot weather as I load my gear back into my car.

I miss our hugs and long goodbyes.

I miss the diners and cheese fries.

I miss feeling exhausted and driving home as I watch the morning sunrise and think about how I can’t wait to do this all over again.

I miss it. Hope you know it. It’s not the same without it. And I’m forever grateful for each of you who let me be me and accept me for who I am in this world. You have my respect always.

But even though I miss this, I won’t ever forget that I am so blessed and fortunate to have had this for a long long time. Thank you for that.

Until we meet and rock out together once again my friends, I want to just say I’m thinking about you, thinking about us, thinking about our music and thinking how lucky I am.

Peace 🤘🏻

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